“At Last”

70 x 66 Acrylic/Mixed Media

A perfect celebration of color with underlying moods of rapturous exuberance. Windblown textures of compelling activity emerge from a focal vortex of tonal contrast. The surrounding light, thus drawn inward, is wound into the swirling forms and then pulled outward by the underlying substructure. The perfect artistic expression for our inner cyclone of emotive intensity. Quite an exciting work.

“Living The Life”

(series of 5)

Visually engage in the excitement and diversity of a vibrant urbana: at once both serious and culturally chic. Recall the thrill of your own earliest voyage into the fascination-realm that speaks to our intellectual collectivity.

“Sea Waves and Beach at Night”

Deeply textural and infinitely mesmerizing, this piece takes one on a journey from the rich shores of earth-tones and metallic luster, through the liminal zone of dynamic marginalities and out into the creative subconscious of whitecaps and blue water. Experience the ever-changing imago of this creative expression piece.

Carolyn DiGiovanni

Specializes in Contemporary Abstract Art that is both textural and engaging. Lavishly layered in a mixed-media approach, the complexities emerge from emotive avant garde expressiveness. The interplay of color and sculptural form invite a deep and on-going experiential relationship. Carolyn feels that art is a necessity and forms the core of our essence.

Carolyn DiGiovanni (B&W photo)