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Carolyn Di Giovanni is an established professional artist, well-known and beloved in the Charlotte NC metropolitan arts community, as well as along the East Coast.

Her commitment to Art is the result of a lifetime of developmental involvement in the mastery of creative expression. The joy with which she approaches her studio-time is reflected in the resonance of her works which regale in a harmonious intuitive emergence of color, texture, essence and psyche, the soul and complexity of which express her renaissance journey of spiritual integrity.

Carolyn DiGiovanni provides collectors with one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge artwork high in aesthetic quality and profitable investment potential. We invite you to browse the website and experience the works of art…where art is a necessity!


23 x 14 inches (Acrylic/Mixed Media)

The energy of any environment is found at the margins where complimentary elements participate and interact. These energetic dynamics are exquisitely experienced in this piece, beginning with the lavish foreground of textural modeling medium and continuing with the mid-ground fiber medium which pulls the viewer into the swelling waves and ‘beyond’ to the Oceanic Deep, and finally toward the perpetual, unbounded atmosphere of the luminous Aion.

Under The Tuscan Sun

21 inches W X 28 inches H X 4 inches deep (Acrylic Inks & Scratch-board)

A mysterious, yet positive compendium of experimental techniques and media. The upper third is resplendent in a feeling of atmospherics, brought on by acrylic tinctures and wash overlays. Atmospherics afford the viewer an opportunity to ‘enter in’ and breathe with the pathic ontology of dissipative transcendentalism. 

Transformation is achieved at the horizon on the plane of infinity, from which precipitate the furrowed channels of order in extension.

And the Sun, always the Sun…  urging on and ripening and bringing to Harvest from the synthesis of light and soil and sky.


43 x 29 inches (Acrylic/Mixed Media)

Another sweeping masterpiece of inner emotive dynamics, nurtured by the soft darkness of earth-toned contrast, while just beyond the horizon blazes forth the luminous cosmos of atmospheric transcendence.



7.5 x 6 inches (& Medium)

This smaller work is one of Carolyn’s most captivating. A jewel of blends, textures and undulating pour-ons, this piece strikes harmony with its character, color and vertical structure at interplay with fluid waves of curvilinear softness.